Cars, birthdays and wahoo!

Wow I’m blown away by how many people read my last post… thank you for your support for my random ramblings.  I will aim for one a week!

This past week we got a car – you cannot understand how happy this makes me.  The weather has been super hot and it just zaps your energy, so an air conditioned car could not have been better timed.

Before we moved here, it was like goodbye car, we won’t be needing one of you for awhile.  But, boy were we wrong.  Bermuda is small, but quite spread out, with narrow windy roads (they were built for horse and cart in the day). And the island is a funny shape which means it actually takes about 1.5 hours to drive from one end to the other. What I thought looked like a five minute walk on the map (before moving here) is actually like a 50 minute walk. When it comes to owning a car, every house can only have one car registered to it to keep the number of cars on the island to a minimum – it’s already quite congested and yes, there is even peak hour traffic. Because of this, lots of families opt to own a scooter as their second mode of transportation. Scooters (or bikes as they call them here) are everywhere zipping around the narrow windy roads, though there are a lot of accidents, and you need to be really confident on one.


So back to our new purchase – the car.  Like many things in Bermuda, nothing is simple, and the process of transferring ownership of the car to us was no different. Can you believe that instead of a one year registration on your car, you can only register it (and insure it) until your next birthday… and then to make matters worse they plaster this date on your front windscreen so everyone knows when your birthday is!?! Crazy.

I was told a funny story about a lady spotted in the transport department reception wearing an “It’s my birthday” t-shirt – but this explains it all! Happy Birthday and to celebrate you get to line up to do your registration and insurance today! (Luckily these are are not under my name, so I will still have a fun birthday). Also, who doesn’t clean a car when you sell it? I think we could have filled a whole box of fruit loops (kids’ cereal) with the amount we sucked up in the vacuum cleaner!

With this new found freedom of owning a car, we have been out exploring where the pink buses couldn’t could not take us before.  Remote beaches and grocery shops, private and exclusive residents (we may have been accidentally trespassing), farmers markets, plus numerous runs to pick up second hand furniture purchased during my several-hour-a-day second hand goods website browsing.



Ok, so no I am not just excited about the car. Well I am but Wahoo is actually the name of a local fish. At first I thought there were  a lot of excited people when perusing dinner menus (‘wahoo this, wahoo that’), but no it turns out this is the name of one of the local fish. Very tasty it is. Quite meaty, almost like the texture of a cooked tuna steak.  We had them last weekend in a brioche roll with some delish dill mayo and today some wahoo nuggets.

Last night we went for a gorgeous dinner up at the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse which is very close to us. Such a stunning view and fabulous food – fresh calamari and wood fired pizzas.

View from Gibbs Hill Lighthouse

But it’s not all about eating….  Bermuda also has a 35km railway trail which spans the island and from 1931 to 1948 served Bermuda as a rail service. As story has it, cars were banned in 1931 as locals believed tourists came for peace and quiet and they were afraid the cars might drive them away.

Today, the railway is a nature trail which is lovely for walking, running, cycling and horse riding.  I often take the railway trail up to the lighthouse for an early morning walk. It’s a quiet reprieve away from the busy roads.  My aim while I’m here is to do all 35km of the trail – not at once though! Sections of it run right alongside the ocean which is just stunning.

Kiwi in Bermuda.


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