Water and wet dog smells

I know I’ve mentioned before how humid Bermuda is, but July has been relentless. If it’s been a stinking hot day and the air con hasn’t been running at home, it can smell like a wet dog! On some days I even find it hard to breathe properly, but on the other hand there are positives to humidity like not needing to wear moisturiser, having soft and silky hair and super soft plump skin which even means some of your wrinkles disappear slightly – who wouldn’t like that? I also drink a lot of water.  I mean like 3-4 litres per day.

Household water (including drinking water) in Bermuda is collected from the rain and stored in your own tank.  It is common for some people to run out in summer and require a top-up from the local water suppliers, but so far so good for us – even with two to three showers a day because you are always sweating!  Some properties are also connected to the mains for back-up supply, but our place isn’t so it pays to be a little careful. You don’t want to be landed a hefty plumbing bill because you’ve let the tank run too low….

Because of this reliance on rain water,  I have never lived somewhere and been so happy when it rains! And being a subtropical island, when it rains, it usually pours and comes with thunder and lightning. It really does make you appreciate something you take for granted in many countries – an ‘unlimited’ water supply.

Bermuda also gets affected by Hurricanes roughly once every seven years, though is fairly well protected by its reefs that surround it. While hurricane season is technically now (June – November) these usually come a bit later in the year here.  The houses and buildings are made of concrete so they are built to withstand hurricanes and most of them also have shutters to protect the windows.


One thing we must do though is put together a hurricane pack as I’ve heard in previous years the island has been without power for many days and access to water also becomes an issue during this time as your pump won’t work if there is no power. So time to stock up on bottled water I think and fingers crossed we don’t get any this year.

Keeping in short this week as off to pack for New York! I have a list of places to eat and drink so prepare to be inundated with oversharing of food pics next week.

Kiwi in Bermuda.



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