Sales, signs and avocados

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the Olympics this past week and a bit – the same time zone certainly helps! As does the free local app featuring 13 channels of live Olympic action. Woohoo. It has also meant a nice respite from the airwaves being clogged with the American presidential campaign, yawn. But enough of that. Back to island life…

As I’ve been getting around the island this week, I’ve taken particular notice of the stone walls and street signs – these are very unique to Bermuda. I thought I’d share some of my favourites – maybe it’s no coincidence that I’m particularly drawn to food related street names. I’ve attempted to look into the history of how some of these streets were named, but to date I haven’t found much information.  I would say that Avocado Lane was one day (or maybe still is) aplenty with avocado trees (hence its name) and the same for Sugar Apple Lane (lots of apple trees on the lane) but then I’m not sure this method works as I’m sure Pie Crust Place did not have pie crusts galore!

Last week I also attended my first ‘Leaving Island’ sale. What is this you might ask? It’s essentially as it sounds – a bit like what we’d call a garage sale in NZ but a sale of all your household items when you are leaving the island for good.

Bermuda has a significant transient population with expats coming to work here for a period of time then deciding to leave but for some people the cost of shipping their household items to their home or next destination is just not worth it, so they opt to sell everything. And I mean everything.  I thought I’d share a photo of the haul from my first ‘leaving Island’ sale. I must admit I was very restrained. I mean there was so much stuff I wanted, but didn’t need! I will definitely be attending more of these. Lots of fun when you have time to potter.


Yesterday, in addition to some amazing snorkelling and SUP’n, I went around to a friend’s house who has the hugest avocado tree. (I was in heaven and I WANT that tree so badly to fuel my avo obsession).  The tree was completely laden with huge avocados, however the only problem being, the prized possessions were about 10 metres high, some even higher! Luckily my friend developed a clever avocado capturing contraption with the swimming pool net and some wire and we were set to work. We then set about extending the rod as far as it could go, tried to grab them in the wire bit and twist them off the tree and into the net. Easier said that done! There were a lot of laughs (and a lot of avocados landing on the ground! Poor avocados). I am now patiently (or impatiently) waiting for the avocados to ripen so I can enjoy them (and hoping the fall hasn’t bruised too many of them)!

Kiwi in Bermuda


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