Kayaking, sunsets and (more) fish sandwiches

Bermuda is really a water sports lover’s paradise.  Wind surfing, kite surfing, SUPing, boating, jet boating, sailing, diving, snorkelling, the list goes on. Our latest adventure was kayaking around some of the many tiny islands in Bermuda’s Great Sound to an area known as Paradise Lakes. Stunning scenery and only a light breeze meant it was a perfect way to spend a Sunday morning. We were fortunate enough to see flying fish (I think these were the Atlantic Flyingfish) trying to escape being caught by larger fishes – it looked like a crazy splash fest but pretty amazing at the same time.

Bermuda’s harbour and surrounding ocean also also makes for some absolutely breathtaking sunsets. Last week I was at the perfect spot – 1609 at the Hamilton Princess – to see an absolute beauty..

And last week, after two failed attempts (it not being open on Sundays and Mondays), I finally got to try what is regarded by many as the best fish sandwich on the island (though there is an annual award for this(!) and in 2015 it went to Rosa’s – another restaurant in town). Art Mels is a fish sandwich institution even though it’s a little off the beaten track. But totally worth the it! Art Mels’ famous fish sandwich did not disappoint. Soft raisin bread and lightly coated fish with coleslaw. Yum! I could only eat half of it though and had the second half the next day which was equally as delicious cold.

I must be turning into a local though, as I will admit I have also tried Rosa’s fish sandwich (winner in 2015), but I prefer the raisin bread untoasted, so I would have to go with Art Mels with my vote on this one.  I wonder who will win in 2016…. or perhaps it has already been determined?

For the first time since I’ve been in Bermuda, the reality of hurricane season is looming in the name of Fiona. As I write this, Tropical Storm Fiona which is a potential threat to Bermuda in the coming days, has been downgraded to a Tropical Depression (which I’m sure is a relief for many). It’s still a timely reminder to get the hurricane pack completed as who knows what mother nature has in store. So I’m off to buy water, tinned food and propane for the bbq, to go with the torch and candles already on hand. And let’s hope Fiona peters out.

Kiwi in Bermuda


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