Playing tour guide

It’s visitor season here in Bermuda, well for us at least, and as I write this we’re hosting our second international visitor for the month. Hosting visitors means I get to pretend I’m on holiday (and this also means I have taken a small holiday from blog writing… but back to it)!  So today I thought I’d catch up and share a few of my favourite outings for visitors.

We’ve been making the most of the sunny, warm weather (today is an exception as it has turned soggy out there) and visiting the many stunning beaches on offer.  Warwick Long Bay, Elbow Beach, Somerset Long Bay, St Catherine’s Beach, Admiralty House Park, Church Bay and many more. I prefer not to take my visitors to the super touristy spots of Horseshoe Bay and Tobacco Bay as I don’t understand why you would go to a packed beach when you can go to one with hardly a person to be seen. We are very spoilt for choice though.

Strolling (or more accurately, power walking) the railway trail to sweat out some wine (and burn off some of that cheese), is another great activity for visitors to Bermuda. The railway trail is so diverse – it can be hugging the ocean giving you amazing views out to the Atlantic, or feel like more of a nature walk in other areas where you can spot chickens, horses and goats.  I love taking people along the railway trail and up to the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse to soak up the panoramic views of Bermuda and the harbour.

View from the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse

The UNESCO site of St George’s is always on the agenda. Whether it’s meandering the cobbled streets of the old town to admire the quaint colonial architecture and do a spot of gift shopping, visiting St Peter’s Church and the Unfinished Church, driving around past Tobacco Bay, St Catherine’s Fort and Beach, or a lovely seafood lunch at Wahoo’s Bistro, there’s plenty to see in St George’s. Oh, and not to forget the gorgeous Bermuda Perfumery for a tour and high tea!

Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve is perfect for spotting sea turtles, snorkelling and admiring wildlife from the lookout tower. Located in St David’s the nature reserve covers 12 acres and is filled with many plants and trees including Bermuda cedars, palmettos, olivewoods, Brazil pepper, casuarinas and allspice. You can access the reserve by foot from near Clearwater Beach. It’s worth the five or so minute walk off the beaten track, especially with the reward of a swim and stunning view at the end of it.

View from Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve lookout

For a dose of Stand Up Paddle Boarding I usually head to Daniel’s Head in Somerset – a popular area for sea turtles and you get a great view from the paddle board of them bopping their heads up and down. It’s also a pretty setting with the cottages on stilts perched over the ocean, even though they are sadly dilapidated and no longer occupied.


Blue Hole Water Park and Tom Moore’s Jungle is a great area to explore caves and water holes while getting semi lost in the ‘jungle’. And no tour is complete without a trip to Art Mel’s for the famous Bermudan fish sandwich with soft and sweet raisin bread! Or maybe this is just an excuse for me to have one so often!

Not only is it visitor season for us, it’s also hurricane season in the Atlantic.  This weekend we are preparing for the potential threat of Tropical Storm Karl which is expected to be upgrade to a Hurricane over the coming couple of days with a projected path bringing it close to Bermuda. Fingers crossed it isn’t too bad or we might have to figure out how to close the shutters on the windows pronto.


Kiwi in Bermuda


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