Wining and dining in Bermuda. Part 1.

Most people close to me will know that I love good food and I love eating out. Having been living in Bermuda nearly six months now (wow where has the time gone..?!), I’ve had a good chance to get out and about and try lots of different spots on the island for breakfast, brunch, lunch, coffee, afternoon tea, dinner and drinks… You name it!

As with a lot of things in Bermuda, people are laid back (the term ‘island time’ wasn’t invented for nothing) so there is no sense of urgency (aside from if you ride a scooter, then there is only one speed – fast). Service at restaurants is typically no different. But I’m not here to talk about that. Back to the food.

A pleasantly surprising thing about moving to Bermuda has been the diversity in cuisine on offer. On a small island of just 60K+ people, I would never have expected there to be Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Asian fusion, Middle Eastern, Mexican, Indian, French, etc. But it’s all here. These ‘international’ food choices make the reality that you are trapped on a tiny island in the middle of the Atlantic slightly more comforting.

As I started thinking about all the places I’d like to cover off, I’ve decided to split this across two blog posts – with the second to come next week. There’s just too many places to talk about to fit into one! So I’ll start with part 1 of my food journey in Bermuda.

A popular Bermuda tradition is Sunday brunch. Back in New Zealand ‘brunch’ would usually be around 10am on the weekend and would definitely be more of a lazy breakfast – with breakfast food and good coffee. Here it’s a bit different. Brunch is more of a ‘lunch’ and is often a buffet (complete with champagne) that runs for a few hours. That’s totally my kind of brunch! The more casual traditional Sunday Bermuda breakfast – of codfish, potatoes, eggs, avocado and banana – what a combination…. can be found at many cafes and you’ll also find the usual suspects – pancakes, french toast, avo smash, baked eggs, eggs benny, etc.

I’ve only done one fancy brunch so far, and that did not disappoint. In fact it was so good, I went back the following weekend!  Then the wait staff began to recognise me so I thought I better not make it three weekends in a row! This was at Marcus’ at the Hamilton Princess.  Marcus’ takes champagne brunch to the next level with unlimited Veuve champagne – yes you heard right. The Veuve, paired with an amazing array of fresh seafood, cheese and cured meats, salads, hot breakfast items, hot meats and dishes, fried chicken and waffles with maple syrup (I had to mention that), and a dessert bar to die for, is what Sundays are made for.

Champagne with a view at Marcus’

I’ve also been to Marcus’ for dinner and while it was nice, it was certainly nothing compared to the brunch. In fact, the restaurant turned into a Latin night with dancing lessons and a photo booth… kinda weird and quite a surprise to us quietly trying to enjoy our evening!

My favourite place for dinner is Blu situated at the Belmont Golf Course, which has amazing views out to the harbour and Great Sound. Here the food offering is vast, but I struggle to go past the sushi which is incredible. And I will also call out that the service at Blu is, in my opinion, the best of the island hands down. It’s a very romantic spot if you can nab a table outside on the terrace and soak in a gorgeous Bermuda sunset, sip on some wine and enjoy the delicious fare.

Devil’s Isle is my go-to cafe and offers great coffee (for Bermuda), and they’ll even do a flat white… success! Their breakfast, lunch and dinner menus are outstanding – always fresh food and quality ingredients.  Their gluten free brownie is also worth a mention as are the smoothies of which there are plenty to choose from.

The wood fire pizza in Bermuda is actually pretty darn good.  The Dining Room at Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse and La Trattoria in Hamilton are two ol’ faithfuls. And if it’s a view you’re after, the Lighthouse spot is pretty ace. La Trattoria offers wine in a ‘chicken’ to add an extra quirk to your experience. You can order different sizes of red and white wines and the ‘chicken’ is brought to your table then you pour the wine out of the chicken’s mouth!


Another great restaurant, which has more of a cozy ‘winter’ vibe is Bistro J which is also part of the lovely Portocall. Bistro J does a two or three course set menu which is great value for money, probably the best I’ve come across, and of great quality.

Laneway to Bistro J

Wahoos Bistro in St George’s never disappoints. I have probably been here now easily half a dozen times. It is very hard to go past the wahoo fish tacos – easily the best tacos I’ve had in Bermuda. It’s a lovely patio perched above the water with a relaxed vibe so it’s easy to enjoy a few wines or a cocktail over a fresh seafood lunch. You can watch the fish being fed, or throw some food in and wait for the massive fish to come (it takes all of about 0.2 of a second – they are smart).

I think I’ve talked enough about fish sandwiches in previous posts, but just to be clear, you can’t go past Art Mel’s for a traditional raisin bread fish sandwich…. Mmmmm.

Stay tuned for plenty more food (and wine) talk next week.

Kiwi in Bermuda


3 thoughts on “Wining and dining in Bermuda. Part 1.

  1. Ooh that food looks exciting, but not the wine in the chicken’s gullet, that does not excite me I’m afraid.
    It must be an adventure just sampling all these international foods.
    You could be a “foodie” traveller, writing about restaurants and sampling their food, like Rick Stein.


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