When rugby comes to Bermuda

Since posting my last blog, it’s been all about rugby, Thanksgiving, wind and more wind! I never knew Bermuda was so windy but I guess it explains why it will host the 35th America’s Cup next year!

Hot on Bermuda’s annual events calendar is the World Rugby Classic – a week long international rugby tournament with teams this year from – Italy, France, USA, Canada, Argentina, New Zealand, South Africa and the Lions.  The rugby classic started in Bermuda almost 30 years ago.


We went along to the rugby twice, and were fortunate to have members tent tickets to the South Africa vs Argentina final.  It was a well deserved win by South Africa amid some rumours of a slightly hungover Puma side! I mean, it sounds as though it is more of a social trip than a rugby trip, but we did get to see some great rugby and recognised a few of the players particularly ex All Blacks – Andrew Mehrtens, Andrew Hore, etc.

The week of the rugby was the worst weather we have experienced here! Sideways rain with gusting winds didn’t make for much fun if you weren’t under shelter – but it did feel like rugby weather.  Although the evening temperatures were in the late teens (celcius), with the wind and the rain it felt a lot colder (we have been told this about Bermuda).  But it’s not all bad news. The cooler weather means you can actually blow dry your hair without melting away. Bonus!

I’ve also been out and about on my push bike recently but discovered Bermuda is not really set up very well for cyclists.  For starters the roads are so narrow and there is no shoulder on the side of the road (or footpath in most parts), and secondly, there are no push bike stands to park your bike in town!  I have taken to chaining my bike to trees (and got some random looks and comments from people)! It’s bizarre as there are more parks for scooters than you can poke a stick at. And when the speed limit in  your car is 35 kph you might as well bike as it is just as quick!

Last Thursday was Thanksgiving and while this is  US holiday (remember Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory, not American), there are a lot of Americans here and given the close proximity some of the more American traditions are adopted.  We took advantage of the occasion and cooked up a roast for a few friends.  Thanksgiving also meant Black Friday sales. I never expected it to be so popular but heaps of the shops were offering specials all week and people were queued up outside shops at 4am on Black Friday. Madness! And don’t worry, I was not there to see them, I just read about it. That is some serious dedication.

Bermuda is starting to feel a little Christmasy with the city streets dotted with Christmas decorations and the Hamilton City Christmas tree which had its lights officially switched on last Friday. The stores and stocked with Christmas decorations and items – it’s hard to escape.  I must admit though I am looking forward to getting “off island”. It will be coming up to three months since my last trip to New York so I am starting to feel the urge to escape this tiny rock in the middle of the Atlantic.

Kiwi in Bermuda



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