New hobbies, golf and chickens

With the beach days behind me for a few months, I’ve broadened my horizons and decided to get into some news hobbies and even give golf a go (my brothers will be surprised!). I purchased a second hand set of clubs (actually they had only been used twice), and set off to the gorgeous Port Royal Golf Course last Saturday. Port Royal is considered one of the most picturesque and longest courses on the island in particular the No. 16 has earned a reputation as a favourite, but for my first outing, we opted for the safety of the driving range.

Port Royal driving range

Bermuda has many golf courses – seven in fact (though one is now closed) – which is quite a number considering the island is only 53 square kilometres.  Many of them offer breathtaking views, situated alongside Bermuda’s turquoise waters. The most renowned has to be the Mid Ocean Club at Tuckers Point. It was built in the 1920s and is rated up there as one of the world’s best golf courses.  The Mid Ocean Club has hosted many majors over the years including the 2007 and 2008 PGA Grand Slams of Golf.

I’m also trying to get back into tennis… but it has been many a year since I have picked up a tennis racquet and after taking up squash about five years ago, tennis is SO hard!  It will take me awhile to get my technique back that’s for sure (if I ever had one, maybe I didn’t).

I’ve also got back into yoga in Bermuda. I have the time so why not!?  There’s a great studio in Hamilton called Lucky Elephant that does a tonne of different classes with fantastic instructors so I have enjoyed getting my zen on and my flexibility back. Namaste to that.

I’ve also been indulging in documentaries – mostly about food (or more specifically meat) – its origins, its effects on the planet and its health benefits (or not) and learning a lot.  Though in this case, I’m not sure the more you know is better or not.  More on that another time – this isn’t the place for a rant about the cows and their effect on the environment. Let’s talk about Bermuda’s chickens instead.

Chickens roam everywhere in Bermuda like they own the place. They’re on the rail trail, they’re crossing the roads (sometimes you even need to stop and let a mother hen and her chicks cross the road), they’re on the side of the road, on the golf course, in gardens, probably in some houses too… I mean there are a lot of delinquent chickens ruling the roost (and noisy roosters making themselves heard). I’ve even heard of people adopting them so they hang around and lay eggs. Not so silly…..

Kiwi in Bermuda


One thought on “New hobbies, golf and chickens

  1. Good on you, getting into all that sport – golf, tennis and yoga! Are there squash courts, that used to be my favourite sport? And I agree tennis is not the same after you have played squash.
    I have also started yoga, but the tutor spends a lot of time talking, so am only doing the very basics, hopefully will join a better class next year when I know more.
    You are lucky to have all that time to do what you want to do. I get exhausted from teaching especially at this time of year, we have just had an over night camp and that was pretty draining, especially as I was the one cleaning up a kid’s sick all over the tent at 3 a.m in the morning, no sleep!
    Namaste, Kath.


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