Island fever and escaping for Christmas

So yesterday we attempted to head off the rock and on our Christmas holiday.  But, as you can already guess, we didn’t make it…  There was poor weather in New York which delayed our flight (we kept getting messages from the airline to tell us about our new estimated departure time – some six plus hours from original time) so we were in no hurry to get to the airport.  We passed the time the only way we knew how- a lovely lunch at Devil’s Isle followed by drinks on Front Street – after all it was a gorgeous day in Bermuda and the sun was shining.

It’s not often you see too many cruise ships at this time of year, so we were spoilt to to watch a cruise ship depart Front Street and slink across the silky waters of the harbour.

After enjoying the day, we headed for the airport –  still some three hours before latest estimated departure time that we were notified of and walked into a very ghostly airport. I immediately knew something was wrong.  We headed to our airline’s checkin counter only to be greeted by other not-so-happy customers. Uh oh. We were quickly informed that while our flight had not yet departed, it would be departing in a few hours – it’s just that we wouldn’t be on it as US customs had decided that they were going to finish for the day, well before the several delayed flights had left.  I mean WELL before – some five hours! So if we weren’t on the other side, we were not going anywhere. I mean, who does that!?!

I think I can honestly say I am experiencing Island Fever (strong desire to get off the tiny island and immerse myself in culture!), and this made the experience all the worst. Anyway, we are going back from round two today, and have all our fingers crossed.  It really does make you feel like you live somewhere very isolated, when you can just drive somewhere, or go to another airport. The moral of the story is, you need to clear US customs in Bermuda if you heading State-side. And said US customs closes at 4pm!

Happy holidays.

Kiwi in Bermuda



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