So what are we doing in Bermuda….?

So I thought it was time to cut the chase and talk about why I am living in Bermuda. After all, it’s not everyday someone ups and moves to Bermuda.

Many of you will be aware, and for those that don’t – I guess you are just not that into sailing (in all honestly, I wasn’t either before this) – Bermuda will host the 35th America’s Cup this May and June.

My partner has hop, skipped, jumped around the globe for over a decade following major events and while this line of work is very demanding when it’s on, it also takes you to some great places – like Bermuda!

In the nine months (or 266 days to be exact) I’ve been calling Bermuda home, I’ve witnessed a flurry of activity as the extension of a new “island” in Bermuda’s Dockyard takes shape and becomes home to the team bases and what will be the America’s Cup Village.  It’s exciting to see such an opportunity for Bermuda and the majority of locals seem to be getting behind it and supportive of the benefits it will bring.

May 26th marks the first day of the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Challenger series and six teams – Oracle Team USA, Emirates Team New Zealand, Groupama Team France, SoftBank Team Japan, Artemis Racing Sweden and Land Rover BAR from Great Britain, will take their almost 50ft “flying” catamarans onto the Great Sound to battle it out for their place in the Challenger Playoffs.  The winner of the Playoffs will proceed to the America’s Cup Match to take on the Defender Oracle Team USA.

America’s Cup sailing has come along way in recent years as advances in technologies and innovation have led to huge changes in the sport. Huge mono hulled yachts crewed by large teams miles out to sea have given way to light fast catamarans made of carbon fibre and aluminium in ‘stadium’ style racing close to shore and crewed by physically conditioned athletes. In much the same way as a modern aircraft takes the skies, these boats literally ‘fly’ with the hulls barely touching the water – though the physicality of the sailing team on board has never been more important to deliver the required power to make these things fly on their foils.  These boats that will race on the Great Sound in approximately four and a half months are the cutting edge of innovation – much like a Formula One car. Exciting times ahead!


Kiwi in Bermuda


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