April, where did you go?

Where have the weeks gone? Time is literally flying by in Bermuda and I am only days off my one year anniversary of calling this island home and we can now say the America’s Cup regatta kicks off this month – holy cow!

Note to self: must write more blog posts.

The humidity is starting to ease its way back into Bermudan life (so are the cockroaches), the wind is dying off (finally!), the tree frogs are in full chorus,  the sleepless nights have returned, but don’t fret – it’s swimming time!

Spring time also means it’s time for Bermuda’s symbolic Longtail bird to start nesting. These spectacular birds are not indigenous but native to Bermuda and it’s pretty obvious to see where they get their name (though its actual name is White Tailed Tropicbird). The Longtails nest from April to October in holes or crevices of the coastal cliffs and islands and can often be seen soaring over the ocean with a distinctive long tail. They are even more impressive in the flesh.


April was a time of whale watching in Bermuda though unfortunately our unpreparedness meant we didn’t actually get to see any! During March and April, humpback whales pass by the island as they migrate north to their feeding grounds in Canada, Greenland and Iceland. Oh well, just as well there is plenty of whale watching in New Zealand too.

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to go the cocktail party for the opening of a new venue, the Pink Beach Club at The Loren.  This is a fantastic spot right on the ocean where you can watch the parrot fish, and the odd very large stingray(!), in the super clear waters below, or relax on the pink sand beach.  The reason Bermuda’s south shore beaches get their pinky hue is actually quite interesting…  The coral reef which wraps around Bermuda is home to tiny marine organism – the red foraminifera (not considered a plant or an animal but a ‘protist’).  The foraminifera live in shells made of calcium carbonate(the same material found in the shells of other marine organisms such as corals, lobsters and mussels) with a red colour and when they die their shells collect on the ocean floor and over time they get washed in by the tide. The red gets blended with white organisms and sand, giving the beaches a delightful shade of pink.  Ta-da! And here I was just saying it was because of the coral reefs!


Back to the cocktail party…. The real highlight of the evening, well perhaps not better than the gin cocktails, had to be a local fisherman walking in with a huge wahoo fish on his shoulder which was then placed on the table and sliced into sashimi for the guests! So fresh and tasty.

This weekend I will attempt to walk the entire length of the island, 40kms, in Bermuda’s End-to-End event! The End-to-End event is a charity and fitness event which is now 30 years old.  Most of the walk is done on the railway trail, but by road in the areas where the railway trail doesn’t exist. Wish me luck!

Kiwi in Bermuda


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